How does it work and where to watch the draw on 25 March 2021?

The mechanics of the draw

The draw will be carried out by randomly drawing numbered balls from 6 different boxes, starting from the units (U) as the first number to the hundreds of thousands (CM) as the last number. The CM urn will have only two numbers (0 and 1), as there are 125,800 numbers in total. The remaining 5 ballot boxes will have 10 numbers each (from 0 to 9).

Deserted prize

The notary will be in charge of verifying that the number that has been randomly generated by the drawing is assigned or not to a person. In the event that the number is not sold, the draw will be repeated at the same time, as many times as necessary until there is a winner.

Where to watch the draw?

The draw will start on Thursday 25 March 2021 live streaming at 11:45am (GMT+1 Spain).

You can follow it live on Youtube by clicking here.

Winning number

Sesortea will contact the winner to verify their identity through the channels provided in the registration (email and telephone).

Once verified, the winning number and the identity of the winner will be officially published.

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